3D Street Painting

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I’m Dmitry, and I work in Ukraine and all across Europe.

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3D Street Painting

Geography of my drawings: Ukraine, Russia, Germany

What is 3D Street painting?

…Also called ‘madonnari’, ‘chalk art’ (do not mix with ‘graffiti’) –  is the performance art of rendering artistic designs on pavement such as streets, sidewalks, and town squares with chalk, mostly; however, permanent materials such as paints are used more commonly nowadays.

It was not until recent years that pavement drawing appeared on the streets of modern cities, but it already attracts rapidly growing attention. IN Europe and USA, for example, despite its much longer history, 3D street painting is all the more popular. International festivals are held here and there every year, attracting extreme popularity with both locals and tourists. People queue and line up for hours to take a picture with a 3D painting, post the, online and hold near and dear as a remarkable memory.

Pavement drawings can not only be a gift or present, but also an eye-catching décor for any event and last not least an advertisement for your company or brand.

Street painting as an advertisment

Has nowadays become a common marketing tool for promotion, aggressively used in advertising campaigns and ads all over the world. It is a hundred percent success, that would beat your competitors and definitely attract attention. It is an ideal way for any company to present itself out of the crowd, to stress its peculiarity and thinking-out-of-borders.

Unlike ordinary annoying ads, drawn ad has no negative connotations. To the contrary, it appeals to people: almost everybody wishes to take a pic with it, to share it online with friends.

In the beginning of every 3D art lies a preparation of a special template – a flat but visually three-dimensional image which will then be applied to a flat surface with various paints. Generally, an asphalt or a concrete surface is used. Upon completion of the picture, artist points a certain place, which makes the 3D-effect fully visible. For the maximum realism it is recommended to look on the picture through the optic device like photo camera and so on.

If you advertise with us

  • You boost public interest to your company;
  • Everyone takes a picture with your painting;
  • 3D attracts attention.

What particularly differs a 3D painting from usual advertising banner is the longevity of the impression. A person does not just sees and goes – he is beginning to involve himself into a communication with an art object. Lifespan of a 3D pic is short, which increases interest even more. You can’t but agree that no one takes a pic by a banner, but gladly by the 3D painting. People share these bright memory spots, repost them in social networks and so on.

Make your advertisement brand-new and creative by drawing it in 3D-street painting with us!

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